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GMB union targets Amazon

Feb 13

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Protest over pay and tax dodging

Today the GMB union has held a series of protests outside Amazon warehouses across the UK.

The union delivered anti-social behavioural orders (ASBO's) to nine workplaces in protest at Amazon’s failure to pay proper taxes and a living wage.

GMB members presented ASBOs with the messages "Pay your tax: public are fed up subsidising Amazon” and “Pay a living wage”. They also invited Amazon staff to join GMB.

In a statement on its website the union said, “Profitable companies like Amazon dodging fair taxes while failing to pay their staff a living wage and treat them properly deserve a corporate ASBO. This gives Amazon an unfair competitive advantage and is part of the reason why so many established high street names are going to the wall."

He added that, "GMB plan to strip away the high tech image and expose the exploitation involved in their business model.”

It is not clear how many of the 15,000 staff the company claim to employ in the UK are employed directly by Amazon and in permanent full time jobs. Many GMB members working for the company are employed by the agency Randstad (who like Amazon have a Luxembourg holding company) and have with no job security and no guaranteed incomes.

Amazon pays its staff as little as £6.20 per hour – just above the national minimum wage of £6.19 per hour.

According the GMB, staff complain about a culture of bullying and harassment while union activity has to be kept underground for fear of reprisals.

Ethical Consumer is currently running a boycott Amazon campaign over it's tax avoidance.

Join the campaign now and email Amazon to tell them you will no longer be using their site.





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