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VW commits to emissions reduction targets

Mar 7

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Victory for campaigners

After nearly two years of campaigning by Greenpeace VW has committed to making its cars cleaner and more efficient.

This means VW will meet strong European CO2 reduction targets for 2020 and its entire fleet will average 95g/km (about 4 litres/100km) per vehicle by 2020.

Campaigners say, "This is big, because using less oil means less pollution, less impact on the climate and less pressure on vulnerable places like the Arctic."

Before Greenpeace started the campaign in June 2011, VW said it would be completely impossible to meet the emissions targets needed to tackle climate change. And yet it has now agreed to do exactly that.

Greenpeace is now looking at how they can take this further, to every other car maker in Europe.


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