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Cereals as sugary as biscuits

Mar 14

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Our survey finds high levels of sugar and salt

Our latest product guide to Breakfast Cereals reveals that 10 of the top 15 best selling breakfast cereals were "high in sugar" including 'healthy' brands like All Bran and Special K and brands marketed to children like Frosties and Coco Pops.

Meanwhile, 5 of the top 15 brands exceeded the government's salt target.

Other key findings:

  • Frosties have more sugar in them than chocolate chip cookies
  • Four brands were over a third sugar including childrens' favourites Coco Pops and Frosties (also Crunchy Nut and Sugar Puffs)
  • The company that makes the aptly named Sugar Puffs brand also makes a brand aimed at the 45+ market which is 17 times less sugary with twice the amount of fibre.
  • Porridge oats are low in sugar and salt but beware flavoured varieties


Check out our product guide to Breakfast Cereals for more details.




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