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Make cars cleaner

Mar 18

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Sign the petition before tomorrow's crucial vote

To tackle the threats posed by the disappearing ice and the invasion of oil drillers - like Shell - we need to reduce the world's thirst for oil. One of the ways to do that is by making greener cars.

Politicians are right now deciding the rules for the next generation of European cars.

Sign Greenpeace's petition to get European politicians to vote in the coming weeks to reduce pollution from new cars by:

- Supporting car efficiency targets of at least 95g CO2/km by 2020 without any loopholes like super-credits or time delays
- Supporting challenging 2025 car efficiency targets that ensure carmakers mass produce the ultra-low carbon vehicles we need

VW recently responded to campaign pressure to make their cars cleaner and more efficient, even though they initially said it wasn't possible. Now it's time to move the whole of Europe (and the world) forward.

According to Greenpeace: "This isn't just about our continent. If we make these big wins here, the global car market will feel the pressure to keep up with innovation in Europe. That means we could see less polluting cars in countries like China and the US too. That's better for the Arctic, the air we breathe and the stability of our global climate."

Over the next few months European politicians are making decisions that will affect every new car in Europe. Tomorrow's vote is the first of several, but the result will set the tone of the debate in the months to come.




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