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My journey to real food

May 3

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Guest blog: One mum's crusade for a more ethical way of living

Green living blogger Laura Broach gives us an insight into her new ethical lifestyle.

About a year ago, I started my blog because I wanted to make some major changes and I wanted accountability, support, and suggestions from others.

I had been raised by a mom that taught us to recycle and reuse, grow organic veggies at home, and eat healthy homemade foods. But one day I looked around and realized that I and my family had, for the most part, become lazy and complacent about things that were once so important to me.

Doing our best to keep up with the Jones' had led us down a path of materialism that was causing envy and fighting within our own home. And one thing that I hesitated to talk about on my blog at first was my weight. Honestly, my incessant weight gain had me angry! It was time for Mama to make some serious changes around here.

We've made a ton of changes since then and learned so much.

After watching Food Inc. and a few similar documentaries, reading The Omnivore's Dilemma, and receiving immense inspiration from the words and actions of Joel Salatin, I was inspired to begin making other changes to my diet. I began to buy more local and organic food, more real food. I challenged myself to go a week without any fast food. The first few days were difficult, but after a week I went another week, and then I didn't want to go back!


What is real food?

Real food is food the way nature intended. It's eating the food God gave us, the way he gave it to us. There are no artificial ingredients or highly processed foods. No potato chips, no hot dogs, no sodas!

Real food is raw milk, locally grown and/or organic teas, eggs from local free range chickens and meat from local organic, pasture raised chicken and pork and grass fed and grass finished beef. Real food is fresh nuts and vegetables, organic produce, frozen veggies from our summer garden, and even locally grown organic fruit. Real food meant making my own bread and desserts and dinners.

In January of 2013, my family and I participated in the 7 Day Real Food Challenge from Holistic Mama. I got a 7 day menu plan, complete with recipes for everything on the menu and shopping list.

In fact, separating our food into what was allowed and not allowed during the challenge, we realized how many unhealthy foods were still in our kitchen. We spent more on groceries, but less on dining out, so what I previously thought was an expensive way to eat really wasn't. I also learned to waste less food.

Today, I am part of the support team for the 7 Day Real Food Challenge. We rarely eat corn or any other grains now, which means no bread, pasta, or rice. We buy organic produce from several local farms.

When I do find myself at the grocery store for other items, I look for organic products with less packaging waste. I bypass anything that isn't organic in the produce department and I don't bother walking most of the aisles at all.
I have lost more than 30 pounds and my entire family has more energy. We don't even think about going back to the way we used to eat. You see, eating right isn't a's a lifestyle.


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