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It's Real Bread maker week

May 15

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The annual celebration of Real Bread and its makers

The gist of the week is to help the people of Britain celebrate Real Bread and its makers, be they the bakers on our high streets, machines at the back of cupboards, or the ones at the end of our arms.

Launched by the Real Bread Campaign in 2009, Real Bread Maker Week's aim is to encourage people to get baking Real Bread or buying it from independent bakeries to support their local communities.

Here are three ways you can kick the industrial loaf habit:

  • On your high street: look for The Real Bread Loaf Mark at a local Real Bread bakery
  • At the ends of your sleeves: learn to bake yourself or teach the kids how to make Real Bread by hand
  • In the back of your kitchen cupboard: dust off that unloved bread machine to bake Real Bread, or pass it on to someone who will.


Check out our product guide  to Bread to help you choose the most ethical suppliers.


This year, as well as raising awareness for Real Bread, the campiagn knead your help raising cash.

The Real Bread Campaign has new plans to help people who, for one reason or another, have a tougher time than most of us enjoy the social, therapeutic and employment opportunities Real Bread making offers, but they need the dough to do it!



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