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Who profits from the Israeli occupation

May 15

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Hyundai, JCB, Volvo and Caterpillar targeted

Hyundai is the latest company to be targeted in a social media campaign run by Who Profits, an organisation that monitors corporate involvement in the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

The campaign has highlighted the role of equipment manufactured by Hyundai, JCB, Volvo and Caterpillar used in the destruction of Palestinian homes and the provision of equipment used to maintain the military occupation of the West Bank. The campaign draws attention to the daily role the companies take in the occupation, and their economic interests in it.

The campaign was launched to coincide with the anniversary of the Nakba – “Day of Catastrophe” when the state of Israel declared independence in 1948, which preceded the mass expulsion of Palestinians from what is now Israel.

Campaigners have been encouraged to spread photos of demolitions of Palestinian homes via social media sites, post them on to companies' Facebook pages and to contact the companies to question their involvement in the occupation and house demolitions.

The Who Profit's website has the following information about the four targeted companies:

  • Hyundai's bulldozers have been used during house demolitions in occupied East Jerusalem in the Palestinian neighbourhoods of Issawiya and At-Tur.

  • JCB trucks have been used in the construction of settlements and checkpoints, including at Qalandia, the main checkpoint which restricts movement in and out of the city of Ramallah, and at the checkpoint near Ofer prison and in the Ariel West settlement.

  • JCB excavators and other equipment were used in the construction of the high speed train line between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, which crosses Palestinian land in the West Bank.

  • A subsidiary of the Volvo Group holds 27% of the shares of Merkavim, an Israeli company that manufactures buses for transporting prisoners for the Israeli Prison Authority. The buses are used to transport Palestinian political prisoners from the occupied territories to prisons inside Israel.

  • Merkavim also manufactures armoured buses for public transportation to West Bank settlements and outposts which use the settler-only road infrastructure.

  • Bulldozers and trucks manufactured by other members of the Volvo Group have been used in demolitions of Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem, and in the construction of military checkpoints and Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

  • Two Volvo-licensed garages are located in the West Bank.

  • Caterpillar's bulldozers and civil engineering tools have been used in demolitions of Palestinians' houses in the occupied territories, in the construction of the separation wall and settlements on Palestinian land, in military incursions and as weapons.

  • The Israeli army used unmanned D9 bulldozers in the Dec 2008 attacks in Gaza, and has been using an unmanned version of the company's smaller tools especially developed for urban warfare.

  • Caterpillar's sole representative in Israel is responsible for retrofitting the tools, as well as for ongoing maintenance and operations, including during military operations.

  • Caterpillar equipment was used in the construction of the high speed train line between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, which crosses Palestinian land in the West Bank. The tools were documented working on the 3A tunnel site, a section of the railway which passes on Palestinian land.





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