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Four in 10 might join consumer boycott over tax avoidance

Jun 12

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Survey reveals older people most likely to boycott

A Guardian/ICM poll has found that 42% of consumers may boycott companies as a result of anger over the plethora of stories about tax avoidance by big companies.

21% of those questioned agreed that it was "very likely" they would refuse to use brands that have made headlines over their tax affairs, including Amazon, Starbucks and Google. Another 20% said it was "quite likely" they would support a boycott. A further 31% said it was "not very likely" they would stop using a company because of its tax stance and 24% said it was not likely at all.

It is the older part of the population that is more inclined to boycott companies over tax. Only 28% of the youngest voters, aged 18 to 24, say they would be likely to refuse to use tax-avoiding brands. This rises to 38% of those aged 25-34, 41% among those aged 35-64, and again, to become an overall majority of 54%, among the over-65s.


ICM boycott poll


The survey was published after it emerged that Thames Water, the UK's largest water company, paid no corporation tax last year and received a £5m credit from the Treasury, even though it had turnover of £1.8bn. Thames Water, which serves nearly a quarter of the population, reported profits of £550m. At the same time, bills went up 6.7%.

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