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Victory in fight against animal testing

Jul 8

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Animal testing of cosmetics banned in India

After more than a year of intensive campaigning and policy negotiations by campaign group HSI/India, the Indian Drug Controller General has approved the complete removal of any mention of animal tests from India’s cosmetics standard.

India now joins the ranks of Europe and Israel as subjecting rabbits, rats, and mice to painful or lethal testing becomes illegal and is replaced with modern non-animal alternatives.

However, campaigners warn that companies are still free to outsource their animal testing to other countries and then import newly animal-tested cosmetics and ingredients back into India.

To prevent this from happening they say India needs to implement a further ban on the import and sale of cosmetic products and ingredients that have been newly animal tested anywhere in the world.

Israel and 27 countries in the European Union have already done this.

Urge India's Minister of Health and Family welfare to ban the import and sale of cruel cosmetics in India.


See our campaign with Lush Cosmetics to promote non-animal testing. The Lush Prize is a £250,000 annual fund to reward groups or individuals working in the field of cruelty-free scientific research, awareness raising and lobbying. Nominations for the 2013 Lush Prize close on 15th July.


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