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EDF wants sued campaign group to be an advisor!

Jul 18

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No Dash for Gas invited to be on stakeholder panel

After suing campaign group No Dash for Gas for £5million, EDF have invited them to take part in a ‘Stakeholder Advisory Panel’.

The company is very concerned about No Dash for Gas ‘highlighting’ of environmental and climate change challenges through ‘disruptive protest’ and wants them to help EDF figure out ‘how best to address these issues and develop protocols which will guide its response to such demonstrations in future’.

Campaigners have dismissed the invitation as greenwash. Jane Turner from Ethical Consumer said "it looks like EDF want advice on how can they can prevent future protest, and allow them to operate as usual, with no consequences for its environmentally destructive and anti-social practices."

The invitation came from Will Hutton. Previously an adviser to David Cameron on cutting pay for civil servants and an Editor of the Observer Newspaper, Will is now Chair of EDF’s Energy Stakeholder Advisory Panel.

According to No Dash for Gas: "The problem with these panels however, is that they actually serve to maintain ‘protest groups’ as ‘protest groups’; always on the outside, protesting inequality, intermittently included when they get too obvious to ignore. But we don’t want to be a ‘protest group’."

"We want to fundamentally change the conditions, ideologies and interests that provoke protest so that we do not have to protest and campaign all the time. Sitting at a skewed roundtable, talking in circles, and debating fake stakes when the real stakes are public, global, common and higher than capital, is not in the public interest and will never deliver us climate, social and economic justice."

Will Hutton is keen to meet No Dash for Gas in person. the campaign group replied: "Will, we can meet you, but only at our upcoming mass protest event, the ‘Reclaim the Power’ action camp, taking place between August 17th-21st."

"It’s back at EDF’s West Burton power station so you’ll know where to find us. Hundreds will be taking part, including some of those most impacted by climate change, fuel poverty and the Dash for Gas – from
Blackpool to Algeria, Azerbaijan to Acton."


Read the full reply to Will Hutton.

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