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Tesco selling GM food

Sep 13

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Supermarket targets children with new range of imported cereal

Tesco's has started to sell GM food to children.

According to an article published in the Daily Mail the supermarket has started to stock Lucky Charms cereal, which contains GM corn alongside a cocktail of additives that are " linked to bad behaviour and hyperactivity".

The Mail claim that this is the first mainstream GM food to go on sale in the UK and reports that its use of genetically modified corn is buried in small print on the package.

GM corn has been eaten in the US for more than a decade. However, little research has been carried out to ensure these foods are fit for human consumption or that growing them is not harmful to the environment.

Lucky Charms is marketed as a nutritious cereal for children, but also contains four colourings - Tartrazine, Sunset Yellow, Brilliant Blue and Allura Red - linked to behavioural problems.

Tesco bans the use of GM ingredients from its own-label foods, including breakfast cereals, on the basis that British families have rejected the technology.

However, this ban does not apply to other brands and the store has also lifted its ban on the use of GM animal feed at farms that supply meat, milk and eggs.

Pete Riley, of campaign group  GM Freeze, called on customers to boycott Tesco. He told the Daily Mail "The idea of promoting a cereal to children that is not only GM but also contains suspect colours does not seem to me to be the correct policy for a company that claims to be a responsible retailer".


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