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Anti-fur campaign relaunched against Flannels

Sep 26

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Activists renew campaign against clothing chain as it abandons fur-free policy

Anti-fur activists have renewed their campaign against Northern high street clothing chain Flannels as the company has abandoned its fur free policy and is once again stocking items made from real fur.

In April 2012, following sustained campaign pressure, the company issued a statement saying "Flannels confirm we will not continue to sell fur products now or in the future and will engage in becoming a fur free company." However items including real fur were recently found inside the chain's Liverpool store and the Flannels website, clearly offers clothing made from cyote, fox, racoon and rabbit fur.

According to the Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade (CAFT), fur from these animals is obtained either through fur farming or wild trapping. CAFT says that conditions on fur farms are usually poor with animals housed in cramped wire mesh cages with insufficient room to move around, display natural behaviours, no access to the outdoors and often inadequate food and water supplies.


Skinned alive

Animals are killed in ways which avoid the spillage of blood on the pelt including gassing, poisoning, strangulation and anal and vaginal electrocution. Some of these methods result in animals not fully losing consciousness before their fur is removed and are consequently skinned alive.

Animals caught in the wild are trapped in leghold traps which cause extreme suffering. Trappers often won't return to traps daily so animals can be held for days in agony and often starve to death. Where mothers with young are caught they have been know to gnaw through their own limbs in order to return to their abandoned young.

A demonstration was held at the company's Liverpool store last weekend which marked the beginning of a renewed campaign against the firm. Protesters said they were disappointed and frustrated at the company's ethical u-turn but would continue targeting the company until it stopped its sale of fur once and for all.



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