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Make Monsanto come clean on GMOs

Jan 22

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Help needed for a shareholder resolution

A group of Monsanto shareholders are making a stand and they need support to force Monsanto to face up to the risks associated with GMOs. Monsanto has been keeping its shareholders in the dark for too long.

Corporate campaigners, SumOfUs, are asking for donations to help fund efforts to show Monsanto's shareholders that we're watching, and to push them to vote for GMO transparency at the company's annual shareholder meeting which is taking place on 28th January in St Louis, Missouri.

Some big, credible investors are already supportive. But many of the biggest investment and retirement funds are lining up to vote with Monsanto bosses against transparency.

Here's just some of what SumOfUs could do:

  • Secure advertising in Monsanto's home town of St Louis, Missouri, so that shareholders hear our message as they arrive to vote and know we're watching

  • Send organizers to St Louis to raise a media storm outside the shareholder meeting with creative tactics, to make sure the public knows what's happening

  • Buy a small, strategic stake in Monsanto – so that we can speak out as shareholders ourselves and demand they act

Harrington Investments Inc. is telling Monsanto to come clean, and they need other big shareholders to back them. If the resolution gets a high vote, it would send a very clear signal that Monsanto should disclose the risks associated with GMOs: including contamination of non-GMO crops, damage to "non-target organisms" like bees and other pollinators, and soil contamination.

But Monsanto's board is refusing to back the proposal, despite claiming to be transparent and even though the resolution doesn't require them to disclose any proprietary information. Meanwhile, the company has spent more than $15 million is California and Washington alone to defeat proposals to label GMO food - a measure that over 90% of Americans support.

The vote happens in just one week. SumOfUs are asking 5,000 of us to chip in $1 now, so they can launch an urgent campaign to tell Monsanto to come clean on GMOs.


SumOfUs is a worldwide movement of people working together to hold corporations accountable for their actions and forge a new, sustainable path for our global economy.








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