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MoD sends military surgeons for training with live animals in Denmark

Feb 19

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PETA starts campaign to end practice


An investigation by PETA has found that despite the use of live animals for military training being illegal in the UK. PETA found that “every year, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) sent British military surgeons to Jægerspris Kaserne in Denmark to take part in training exercises using live animals, informally known in military circles as “Danish bacon””.

A series of images posted on the PETA blog showed pigs being strapped to wooden frames for use during shooting practice, with the wounded animal then being used for surgery training. The UK government confirmed that pigs were “subjected to bullet and blast wounds” during such training session.

A PETA spokesperson commented: “Eighty per cent of NATO allies have already ended the cruel use of animals in archaic military medical training exercises. Instead of shooting, stabbing and blowing up animals, military personnel in these nations are trained to treat traumatic injuries using life-like human-patient simulators, such as the state-of-the-art Caesar military simulator. This is used by the NATO Centre of Excellence for Military Medicine, as well as other non-animal methods that have repeatedly been shown in military and civilian studies to teach lifesaving skills better than crude animal laboratories.”

A spokesperson from the MoD stated “our military surgeons undertake vital training in Denmark where they learn specialist trauma treatment skills that save lives on the battlefield. All animals used in medical training are anaesthetised before they are treated and by participating in the Danish-led exercises twice a year rather than conducting our own, we minimise the overall number of animals used.”

PETA UK have appealed to Nicolai Wammen, the Danish Minister of Defence, to end Denmark’s invasive and deadly animal-based trauma training exercises. It was argued that this practice was in violation of the EU Directive 2010/63/EU which stated that animals must not be used when non-animal options are available, and Denmark’s Animal Welfare Act, which also stated that non-animal methods should be used wherever available.

You can take action by writing a letter to the Danish Government urging them to stop using animals for military training via the PETA website.

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