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Political dithering and climate change silence as the flood gates open

Feb 21

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The UK floods and wallies in wellies.


As hundreds of people in the south of England and Wales are flooded out from their homes, politicians were last week trying to look earnest in wellies, while wading through rivulets running down former roads.  

Accusations of political tourism abounded when MPs and party leaders eventually made their way to the worst hit areas to survey the scenes for themselves.  This has been argued as a cynical attempt to target marginal seats.  

And while the political posturing and fault flinging carries on between the Government and the Environment Agency, there seems to be an aversion to discussing climate change.  In an interview with The Observer , Ed Miliband, leader of the Labour Party, weakly argued,

“I think the point I would make is, whatever your view, clearly we have had and are having some pretty extreme weather. So whatever your view about climate change, it makes sense to mitigate it and act to deal with that weather.”

Many in the coalition government are keeping schtum on the issue of climate change.  One reason for this may be the relationship between the fossil fuels industry and those in power.  In March 2013, anti-poverty NGO the World Development Movement (WDM) produced “Web of Power: The UK government and the energy finance complex fuelling climate change.” This media briefing highlighted that one third of ministers in the UK government are linked to the finance and energy companies driving climate change.  

According to WDM, this tangle between the dirtier side of the energy industry and government goes all the way to the top.  The Prime Minister is linked to Mark Foster Brown who donated £10,000 to Cameron's Conservative Party leadership Campaign in 2006.  Brown was a trader at hedge fund Altima which deals in fossil fuel shares. 

There is now a petition on Greenpeace UK's website telling David Cameron to Ditch the Climate Deniers. You can sign it here.





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