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Take action to end the scandal of military spending

Apr 10

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Day of action planned for 14th  April


The campaign group Global Day of Action on Military Spending UK give their view on the latest round of military spending announced in last months budget.



In March the government announced plans to spend a further £570 million of public money upgrading the UK’s nuclear weapons systems (£120 million to refuel a Trident sub; £150 million more to be spent on nuclear plants making the reactors; and £300 million to refurbish the submarine yard).

Budget Day confirmed that when it comes to military spending, there’s no such thing as austerity: it was set at a huge £38 billion for the coming year alone.

The government has £700 million to subsidise arms exports, £2.5 billion for new fighter jets, £6.2 billion for new aircraft carriers and £100 billion to renew nuclear weapons… yet homelessness, hunger and inequality so rapidly on the rise?

It is a scandal that 1 in 4 children in the UK grow up in poverty. It is a disgrace that 20,000 disabled people will lose support for the basics in life when the Independent Living Fund closes. It is outrageous that thirteen times more people are relying on food banks to survive than did five years ago.

It is all the more scandalous when you realise that the UK’s military spending is among the highest in the world.

It’s time to shift priorities. This is the message we want to communicate on the Global Day of Action on Military Spending on Monday 14th April. However you share that message, you can contribute to a global wave of action to turn the tide on military spending.


Come along to an action on 14th April, or take a look at the guide for setting up a simple event in your town!







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