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Apr 25

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A round up of campaigns in solidarity with the workers of the Rana Plaza disaster


Yesterday saw the first anniversary of the horrific collapse of the Rana Plaza garment factory in Bangladesh.  To mark the anniversary campaign groups called for a “Fashion Revolution”.

Those involved wanted to highlight that social and environmental catastrophes in the garment supply chains are continuing despite all the good work that has taken place in Bangladesh since the Rana Plaza tragedy.  

However the Fashion Revolution campaign was only a one day social media event. It's important to remember that we need more than hashtags, that may have been feverishly used but end up forgotten.  

It's vital that the victims of Rana Plaza are remembered and that we need to keep the pressure on the companies who still source from suppliers using highly exploited labour.  

There are many organisations working to ensure that work places are safe so that events like Rana Plaza never happen again.  



We can all help fight for fairer pay and better working conditions for garment workers around the world.

Here are some campaigns you can do from your PC, tablet or phone.  

Sign War on Want's petition to William Hague for "no more fashion victims".

Support Greenpeace's detox fashion campaign as “toxic is so last season”. 

Visit or write letters to the companies still to contribute to compensation for families who suffered from the Rana Plaza disaster.  The Clean Clothes' Pay up! campaign targets companies associated with factories in the collapsed building

If you can't get out, the petition on Labour Start targets the companies identified at not having paid up. Sign it now.


Get tweeting

Finally, Ethical Consumer would love to see what ethical fashion you're wearing out this weekend. We're asking readers to tweet us a selfie while wearing ethical clothes.  

It doesn't just have to be from an alternative ethical fashion label, we'd also love to see upcycled t-shirts, recycled dresses, and reused jeans as well.  


Go on, give us your best grin.



You can find a more extensive list of actions and campaigns in our report on the fashion industry released earlier this month. The report also includes unique guides to ethical clothes shops and high street clothing.







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