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Amazon "selling" living wage

Jun 11

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Campaigners launch spoof product

This morning Amazon Anonymous campaigners launched new "product" for sale on Amazon's website.

The product, A Living Wage for All Amazon Workers, said in its Amazon description: "Over 62,000 people have called on Amazon to end poverty pay in 2014 – but Amazon has yet to take our demand seriously so we've brought it direct to", asking readers to "review this product below and let Amazon know that it's time to pay the human cost of its operations".

The product remained on the site for two hours until Amazon took it down. During this time it racked up over 100 user reviews and had been picked up by numerous news agencies including Buzzfeed and the Guardian.

Emily Kenway, the Amazon Anonymous campaigner who has led the operation, told the Guardian that this morning's move was intended to "draw attention to the issue and provoke Amazon into taking it seriously".

"Despite over 62,000 people calling on Amazon to end poverty pay, it has failed to take the call seriously; its response so far consists of avoiding the issue by stating the reward package of permanent employees, which is just a portion of its UK workforce as it relies heavily on contracted agency workers for its UK warehouses," said Kenway.

"Not only that, but it is even failing to pay permanent employees Living Wage rates. Amazon is laughing at us; portraying itself as an important employer of British labour whilst keeping large numbers of its workforce on insecure, temporary contracts, paid less than Living Wages and treated like undignified robots. This company has found its way into the fabric of our society, but as consumers and concerned citizens, we need to say enough is enough."


Comments on the site included:

Of all the innovative products that can be found on Amazon, this is the best. Life-changing doesn’t even begin to describe it. Just think what people would be able to do if they were paid a proper wage… Amazon, I urge you to promote this product to the best of your considerable marketing expertise. Oh, and how about giving a free, ongoing sample of it to all your UK staff. I’m sure they would appreciate it…

Well worth the investment!

By Colette


This is a great product! As a Living Wage user, I can fully endorse it. For the extra little investment in your workers, the Living Wage provides a great return and the workers are able to work and live with dignity. Well worth it! Try it and tell me otherwise,

Living wages for the win!

By johninnit


This is an absolute masterpiece, with the power to change lives. Get this and you too could be able to feed yourself and your family halfway decently, keep a secure roof over your head, and enjoy some of the things in life that most people take for granted, like saving up for a three wolf moon T-shirt. I would say the only downside is that it’s a pity this is currently a work of fiction. When will we see it published by Amazon in non-fiction too?

A fantastic product & idea!

By glynjamyn


I would strongly urge everybody to buy into this idea, Amazon included. The quality of the offering is superb – Amazon, you may need to pay your staff extra to cope with the demand for this one :)

Great Price, Great Deal

By Lusher


I cant get enough of Living Wages for Amazon workers! For the extremely reasonable price of £7.65, Everyone should get Living wages! Can’t recommend this enough!

A must-read

By Lindesay Irvine


A compelling story about a long battle with evil. A painful but essential read that will chill readers to their bones


By Mrs. D. Young-Somers



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