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TTIP day of action and feature

Jun 19

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Ethical Consumer launch second in TTIP series


Ethical Consumer has released its second feature on the US/EU trade deal TTIP and is urging people to attend the day of action on the 12th July.

The feature by Linda Kaucher, campaigner and international trade researcher, explains what TTIP means for our public services - and it isn't good news.

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Take Action

That's why we are taking part in, and asking our readers to take part in, the national day of action against TTIP on the 12th July.

Trade deals have been defeated by popular protests before and we can defeat this one with coordinated effort.

Sign up to the London event on Facebook.





About TTIP

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) could be one of the biggest trade deals in history. 

Its being negotiated in secret and campaigners say it will threaten democracy, give unprecedented powers to large companies, weaken environmental regulations and undermine workers' rights.


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