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Turning up the heat on grouse moors

Jun 27

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It’s been a busy week for ornithological-minded conservation campaigners.

This week has been chock-full of initiatives to preserve one of the most endangered bird species in England.  The hen harrier – known as the Skydancer for the way it displays in the air – is becoming more known even by those who may never have seen one.  

This bird is endangered due to extreme and sustained persecution in the uplands of the country. There were several pieces of news this week for those who’re trying to save the species.

Following on from the excellent work that the RSPB and other conservationists have done in trying to end raptor persecution, this week Ethical Consumer released Turn Your Back on Grouse.  The report presents another tool for campaigners to challenge the intensification of driven grouse moors and to support the fight against raptor persecution.  

A few of the locations of Hen Harrier Day – partly to celebrate the bird and part peaceful protest - were announced.  This is being organised on 10th August by Birders against Wildlife Crime, North West Raptor Group and conservationist Dr Mark Avery.

News swirled around the Twittersphere about how Times journalist Simon Barnes was allegedly given the sack for his positive writing on Hen Harriers. His championing of their cause apparently annoyed the paper's readership. 

Martin Harper, Head of Conservation at the RSPB, blogged that it was time to license and regulate driven grouse moors.  The RSPB has written this request to the Moorland Association – the organisation that represents moorland owners in the UK.  It will be interesting to see what their response is. 

Also the RSPB’s Skydancer initiative is currently up for a National Lottery Award in the education awards category.



Read more about the Turn Your Back on Grouse campaign >







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