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Act now on dodgy trade deal

Jul 4

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Campaigners urge action on TTIP

Time is running out to add your voice to the growing number of people opposing the US / EU trade deal called TTiP.

Part of the deal will let big companies sue governments if they pass laws that are not in the interest of companies.

"Do you want to live in a world in which multinational corporations can sue the UK government for raising the minimum wage? [1] Or how about a world where big tobacco companies can sue the UK for billions of pounds for introducing a plain cigarette packaging law?" Say 38 Degrees. "Scarily, this could happen if TTIP - the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership - is passed."

There is currently a consultation on the Investor-To-State Dispute Settlement - ISDS. That will allow companies sue our government for putting their duty to ordinary people before businesses' profits.

The consultation closes in just 24 hours time. 

You can visit the 38 Degrees website to lodge your complaint with the TTiP negotiating team now.


Video: What is the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) 




You read more about TTiP:

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We are taking part in, and asking our readers to take part in, the national day of action against TTIP on the 12th July.

Trade deals have been defeated by popular protests before and we can defeat this one with coordinated effort.

Sign up to the London event on Facebook.








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