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Over 10,000 shoppers to boycott Amazon this Christmas

Dec 1

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Ethical Consumer joins festive forces with campaigners Amazon Anonymous

Amazon is estimated to lose up to £2.5 million this December as more than 10,000 UK customers boycott the company over criticisms about their business practices. The boycott is starting today, ‘Cyber Monday’ - supposedly the busiest online shopping day of the year.

The boycott has been organised by Amazon Anonymous, a group set up last Christmas by disgruntled Amazon customers unhappy that the company does not pay a living wage to warehouse workers. This Christmas they are also targeting Amazon because of their alleged tax avoidance.

Those signing up to the boycott are asked how much they usually spend on Christmas presents to calculate how much potential business is being withheld from Amazon, so far the total value of those boycotting the company has reached £2.5 million.

On Cyber Monday, Amazon Anonymous published a list of alternative retailers for people boycotting Amazon, acknowledging that “whilst it can be hard to go cold turkey, there are better places to shop”.

The ‘Better than Amazon’ shopping guide, in partnership with Ethical Consumer. 

Bex from Amazon Anonymous said: “We are sending a strong message to Amazon, during their busiest time of the year, that if they don’t make a proper contribution to our society, we won’t give them our money. They don’t pay their workers a living wage. They dodge their tax. They take money away from our local shops. So this year, we’re taking our money away from them.”

Amazon Anonymous previously gathered more than 65,000 signatories to a petition calling on Amazon to “deliver the living wage in 2014”, at the time set at £7.65 an hour outside London. The petition, delivered to Amazon’s offices in February, was followed by a website documenting worker testimonies, and an email campaign in which supporters directly contacted the company asking it to raise its baseline pay. Amazon Anonymous also launched a dummy book on Amazon’s own site protesting about the company’s treatment of its workers.

Kivin Varghese, a former Amazon employee who is on hunger strike outside Jeff Bezos’ office in Seattle until the company addresses the way it treats its workers, added his support : "I’m calling on customers to join us in protest: don’t give your money to Amazon this holiday season - that’s the best way we can drive change. It’s time Amazon faced up to the human toll of its long-standing unethical and draconian business practices."



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