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What's in our stockings?

Dec 11

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Some gift ideas from the Ethical Consumer staff

See what we'll be buying, making and baking this Christmas.





This Christmas I have asked for a robust bicycle horn or bell that can withstand Critical Mass bell-ringing, and can make a sound louder than a car horn.

I will be giving close friends and family a range of home-made edible goods; from a variety of home brews to herbal teas, pumpkins and chutneys. I may even have a go at making some raw chocolates.






This year our family is doing a secret santa with a limit of £10. As I don't want to ruin the surprise I won't be revealing what I am buying. However Nigel's Eco Store and People Tree have lots of lovely gifts on their websites.








This year, I've asked for that most traditional of Christmas gifts - socks, so I hope to get a few pairs of those.

My family only gives presents to grandparents and children, although the children are technically adults now! I'll be getting the 'kids' tokens so they can spend it on what they want. For my Mum, I'll get her some ethical moisturiser.







My partner and I moved into a new house earlier this year, so I'm inviting my family to contribute what they can to house projects rather than gifts.

I like to buy useful gifts for people, not presents for the sake of presents. I also like to get people something unusual or unexpected. This year, my mother will be getting a selection of second-hand vinyl recordings of Beethoven and Handel to reacquaint her with the enduringly fantastic 40-year-old stereo in their living room.







I never ask people to buy me anything specific, as it would be a lost cause and anyway I prefer surprises. I'll treat myself to an alarm clock / digital radio.

I'll be buying a lot of presents from World of Books, plus some non-lethal electronic smoking equipment for one of my brothers who just can't quit. My son wants an indoor swimming pool so he might get a pick and shovel. 







This year my partner and I agreed not to exchange gifts at Christmas and save money and hassle. I decided to stick to the letter if not the spirit of the law and have bought her a few presents over the last three weeks. Gifts included some nice smelling things from Lush and a Miranda DVD.

I have asked for an energy efficient wall mounted electric heater for the bathroom as the room is damp and cold in the mornings.





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