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Petition for a more ethical Manchester

Feb 13

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Campaigners demand ethical procurement

The Manchester Stop G4S Campaign are stepping up their efforts to push Manchester city council to adopt an ethical procurement policy.

A letter has been sent to all Manchester city councillors to inform them of a new petition, which has been approved by the City Solicitor to ensure it is acceptable to the council after a previous petition was taken down. The letter also offers to help councillors with the process of developing an ethical commissioning and procurement policy, following the lead of Islington and Tower Hamlets councils.
The Stop G4S network are specifically 'opposed to G4S and its various unlawful activities and human rights abuses'1, but this is also part of a wider campaign to resist the wholesale privatisation of public services.

The petition, worded as follows, will also be used to raise public awareness of the issues:
“G4S is a security company alleged to be involved in human rights abuses.
We call upon the Council to introduce an ethical commissioning and procurement policy which provides guidance on the exercise of discretion to exclude tenderers on the grounds of grave misconduct including human rights abuses, anti trade union practices, tax avoidance and fraud.
Any supplier which has committed a breach of the ethical policy should be considered to have committed an act of grave misconduct in the course of its business and should be excluded from tendering unless and until it can demonstrate that it has taken appropriate remedial steps. Any exclusion must be appropriate to the scale and nature of the offence or misconduct."

You can sign and share the petition on the Manchester City Council website >





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