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Audio: February Taxcast

Feb 23

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23/02/2015 12:15  RssIcon

The latest from the Tax Justice Network 

In the February 2015 Taxcast:

Just what does a bank have to do to lose its licence?

We look at the fall-out from HSBC leaks and ask how we can genuinely tackle criminality in global finance?


  • the latest research on fines and crimes in banking;
  • why a recent threat to have UK Crown Dependencies and Overseas territories blacklisted won't exactly have them shaking in their shoes;
  • plus more scandal and unique analysis.




  • Director of The Tax Justice Network, John Christensen,
  • author of Treasure Islands, Nicholas Shaxson,
  • Economist and asset recovery specialist, Jim Henry,
  • HSBC whistleblower, Herve Falciani.


Produced and presented by @Naomi_Fowler for the Tax Justice Network.









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