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Reclaim the Power day of action

Jun 1

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Day of mass actions against the fossil fuel industry

Today Reclaim the Power activists carried out a series of actions against companies and government departments supporting the fossil fuel industry.

The protesters came early this morning from the Reclaim the Power 'climate camp' under the shadow of Didcot Power Station in Oxfordshire, where they have been staging workshops over the weekend and preparing for today's 'day of climate action'.

But instead of targeting Didcot Power Station - as expected - the protesters turned up at around half a dozen sites around the UK. At the time of writing 17 actions had been recorded including a rooftop occupation of RWE Npower's HQ in Swindon and a performance at the Department of Mining, Imperial College London University on Exhibition Road.

Starting from 9am this morning simultaneous actions appeared around the country targeting those who support the fossil fuel industry including the following:

Blockading the steps outside the Department of Energy and Climate Change

Protesters arranged themselves on the steps outside the building’s front door blocking the entrance and displaying signs and words written on their bums with the statement ‘Wind Not Gas’. One of the protesters wore a large wind turbine.


Blocking the entrances to the World Coal Association conference on Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) in London

The conference was being held today at the Institute of Directors, London. The activists are protesting against the coal industry’s promotion of the technology, which is yet to be proven at a viable scale and is seen as a smokescreen for the necessary action needed on climate change.

Public relations firms ‘Mediazoo’ and ‘Camargue’ targeted

Eight Reclaim the Power activists occupied the offices of PR firm Mediazoo to protest the company’s representation of fracking giant Ineos, Horizon Nuclear Power and RWE Npower.

The activists, who arrived with a banner reading ‘Fracking is shit. You can’t polish a turd’, were dressed as Mediazoo executives and turds. They occupied the lobby of the Mediazoo offices in Imperial Wharf and staged a performance while locked together with arm tubes so that they could not be removed.

At the same time 12 protesters targeted Soho-based Camargue, PR firm for Horizon Nuclear Power and RWE Npower, and turned it into a nuclear contamination zone.  Boiler-suit clad activists cordoned off the building with hazard tape in protest against the company’s business dealings with nuclear energy companies.


Energy love-in staged outside David Cameron’s Constituency Office

Reclaim the Power activists staged a love-in outside Cameron’s constituency office to protest against the control of British energy by the ‘Big 6’ companies. Ms Stacey from Reclaim the Power said: “The new Tory government are in bed with the fossil fuel industry. This continued cosying up with the ‘Big 6’ energy companies has got to stop. Corporations are raking in the profits from dirty energy, whilst Britain’s most vulnerable citizens are dying from fuel poverty, unable to heat and power their homes.”



Revolving door between Drax and government closed

Two activists from Reclaim the Power have blocked the revolving doors at Invesco, the former employer of the new junior DECC minister Andrea Leadson, in protest of the revolving door between such companies and government posts. The investment management company own 26% of Drax coal fired power station and protesters want an end to the use of coal, which is worsening climate change.

Funeral cost bill delivered to British Gas

Environmental activists, dressed as shivering grannies, hand delivered to British Gas Headquarters a “Bill” for funeral costs for the thousands of customers who died from fuel poverty last year


“No stone left unfracked.” 30ft tripod erected at London City Hall

A group of activists erected a 30 foot tripod outside the front of City Hall and superglued themselves to the front of the building, protesting against Boris Johnson’s recent dismissal of the Divest London and London Assembly call to divest their £4.8bn pension fund from oil, coal and gas and his supportive stance on fracking and shale gas extraction.

Reclaim the Power, a direct action network that aims to draw the dots between the fossil fuel industry, climate change, and corporate power, have previously held protest camps in Balcombe and Blackpool, targeting fracking firm Cuadrilla and its associates.

Today's unprecedented suite of actions was timed to coincide with the opening of UN climate negotiations in Bonn, a critical stage in the lead up the the main COP21 climate talks in Paris this December.

So far seven arrests have been reported.










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