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Fair Tax Pledge Launched Today by Fair Tax Mark

Jun 12

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Calls on the British public to make a pledge against tax dodging

The campaign against tax dodging receives a major boost today with the launch of the Fair Tax Pledge which for the first time allows individuals to publicly declare their support for Fair Tax.

Organised by the pioneering Fair Tax Mark, the Fair Tax Pledge is now calling on the British public to show their opposition to corporate tax dodging by signing the pledge. By doing so, individuals commit to:

1. Declare all their income and that of their companies, openly, honestly and on a timely basis;

2. Not use tax havens to reduce any tax that they owe;

3. Not use marketed or abusive tax avoidance arrangements;

4. Not enter into any tax arrangement contrary to the spirit of the law;

5. Advise their accountant, if they have one, that they do not want them to do anything contrary to the commitments they have made.

The Fair Tax Pledge web site provides a model letter for those who have an accountant which they can send to their adviser to make clear their commitments and expectations.

One the first signatories of the Fair Tax Pledge is Caroline Lucas MP who said:

“Tax seems to have become a dirty word and I am proud to be part of this initiative to reclaim it.”

“Paying tax is something I do because I believe in the redistribution of wealth, in giving something back, and in the principle that we are all collectively responsible for making society work for everyone.”

“The Fair Tax Pledge is my promise that I’ll never try to dodge my taxes and I hope others will join me in pledging the same.”

Richard Murphy, a tax justice campaigner and one of the founders of the Fair Tax Pledge said:

“The Fair Tax Pledge is something completely new in UK tax. It's a way for a person to say that they want to pay their fair share.”

“And, as importantly, it provides a way for those who use accountants to help them with their tax affairs to say that tax professionals should stop playing with tax abuse on their behalf. Nothing can make it plainer where a person stands on this vital issue.”

Once people have signed the pledge they will have the option of having their name displayed on a public list of signatures.

Current estimates suggest that tax dodging is now costing the UK economy £120 billion a year.

The Fair Tax Pledge can be signed by anyone who commits to the principles it stands for.

Meesha Nehru of the Fair Tax Mark said:

“Lots of individuals have looked at the Fair Tax Mark used by corporates and asked us how they can show their personal commitment to Fair Tax.”

“The Fair Tax Pledge gives them a simple tool to use if they want to stand up for Fair Tax. We’d encourage everyone to sign and to ask their MP to sign too, for a start.”









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