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Food Sovereignty in the UK?

Jul 28

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Callout for the UK Food Sovereignty gathering

Whether you grow food, campaign around it, sell it or just eat it, you are invited to take part in four days of discussions, organising, skill sharing and action planning to build a stronger movement for food sovereignty in the UK.


What is food sovereignty?

The global food sovereignty movement is about promoting food systems that are designed to help people and the environment rather than make profits for multinational corporations, allowing communities to have more control over the way food is produced, traded and consumed.

Food sovereignty focuses on developing local food production and supply as the answer to multiple problems, from tackling hunger by making communities less vulnerable to global markets, to mitigating climate change by conserving resources. It is also fundamentally concerned with equity in the food system and solidarity between people.


What will happen at the gathering? 

The gathering aims to bring together existing food projects, and even inspire new ones, while also linking them with the global movement. It will be a chance to share the amazing progress that has been made over the past few years and plan for the future of the food sovereignty movement in the UK.

There will also be amazing food, visits to local projects, and a time to connect with people from all over the UK that have a passion for transforming our food systems.


1000 Food Conversations before October!

Aside from attending the gathering, you can also contribute by spreading the word (see links below), or even organising a community conversation in your area. The organisers are hoping there will be 1000 food conversations before the gathering!

They have produced an ideas sheet to help you plan a discussion, and suggest holding it with a group you are already part of, at a time you already meet. The idea is to get people thinking about how they would like to source their food, and what they would like to eat, and what the barriers are to these ideals. Your group might even come up with ideas for action.

Hopefully you would start collecting stories about problems and solutions in your local food system that some of you would take to the gathering. Or if you know of another local community organisation that could send a delegate to the gathering – please contact them (there will be bursaries for travel and accessible venues and accommodation for those who need it).


The gathering will take place in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, from 23-26 October 2015

Give your input and fill out a survey on themes >

Find out more on the conference website >











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