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Amazon workers' rebellion

Sep 22

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Employees push for a change in culture


A clandestine group has formed within Amazon to promote better working
conditions for its staff.


The group, set up in the wake of revelations from the New York Times on poor working practices, has published an "Amazonian Manifesto".

The document, published on a blog, demands a change to Amazon's internal working culture which was damned by the NYT as "an experiment in how far it can push white-collar workers".

The authors of the demands have tried to subvert Amazon's current leadership principles. The principles are at the heart of Amazon's corporate identity and aim to co-define the companies ethos and working culture.

The 14 principles include slogans such as "dive deep" and "have backbone" and build on Jeff Bezos' famous 1997 proclamation to shareholders that “You can work long, hard or smart, but at you can’t choose two out of three”.


Alternative vision

The new Amazonian manifesto offers 7 alternative principles including "obsess about the employee" and "hire and develop the best".

The group also offer a broader criticism of working practices at Amazon saying that they "will not tolerate a working environment that treats us as expendable entities" or "tolerate a system that insidiously pits worker against worker, colleague against colleague."

They also say that the median average stay for an employee at the head office is one year, a statistic that they describe as "stunning and damning".

Last week the group employed a marketing agency to hand out flyers at the company's head office in Seattle outlining their demands. According to online tech journal Geekwire, the company was hired by an anonymous person via email who was unaware who was behind the manifesto.

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