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John West failing the oceans

Oct 8

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Company not living up to sourcing commitments


Greenpeace's latest tuna league table is highly critical of best selling tuna brand John West over their tuna sourcing policy.


Greenpeace, change your tuna

According to new research, John West, despite promising to sell 100% sustainably sourced tuna by 2016, is currently selling just 2% with Greenpeace saying that "They show little intention to change."

As we covered recently John West's owners, Thai Union, have been linked to human rights abuses in their seafood supply chains. We reported last week that Mars and Nestle were caught up in the storm for buying Thai Union fish after the company was found to be using slave labour in its supply chain.

Greenpeace say that "They must stop using unsustainable fishing methods that catch sharks, endangered turtles and other creatures."


Greenpeace video

The company comes bottom of a new ranking from Greenpeace that ranked eleven Tuna brands on 7 criteria:

  • Traceability
  • Sustainability
  • Transparency and Consumer information
  • Legality
  • Equity
  • Sourcing policy
  • driving change

Waitrose topped the ranking with M&S coming second.



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