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Petition to make orange juice supply chains fair targets European supermarkets

Oct 15

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Modern slavery found in all stages of the Brazilian orange juice production

A petition calling on European supermarkets to improve conditions in orange juice supply chains has been launched by SUPPLY CHA!NGE, a group of civil society organisations from across Europe and the Global South.

The campaign accompanies the release of research exposing exploitation of workers on plantations and in factories as well as environmental destruction caused by the massive use of pesticides.

80% of all orange juice sold in Europe is produced in Brazil and 66% of that juice is sold as own-brand in the major supermarkets.  “Supermarkets need to assume responsibility for working conditions and ecological impacts all along their supply chains,” according to SUPPLY CHA!NGE.

"The orange juice industry is doing very well economically and exporters are making abnormally high profits," said Faaria Ahmad from Think Global, one of the research authors. "But these massive revenues are obtained at the expense of working conditions on plantations and factories, as well as the environment. The study has found conditions of modern slavery in all stages of the Brazilian orange juice supply chain and their environmental impact is devastating."

Sign the petition telling supermarkets they need to:

  • Take steps to prevent human rights violations in orange juice supply chains
  • Implement credible monitoring procedures
  • Work with trades unions, local employees and other stakeholders to define a living wage for orange farm workers
  • Ensure that freedom of association is respected in all subcontractor operations;
  • Ensure that no forced or slave labour is used;
  • Ensure that there is no discrimination in employment; and
  • Disclose the full list of suppliers in Brazil.






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