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Morrisons criticised for sale of kangaroo meat

Oct 20

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Supermarket targeted by campaigners


Morrisons supermarket has come under fire from animal rights campaign group Viva!, over its sale of kangaroo meat.


Viva argues the way that wild kangaroos are hunted for meat in Australia is cruel.

Juliet Gellatley, Founder of Viva! at demo for kangeroo campaign. Photo from Viva!

By law, kangaroos should be killed with a single shot to the head. Any babies found in mothers’ pouches are meant to be killed immediately by being hit on the head.

According to the Daily Mail, Viva! has written to Morrisons calling on it to end the sale of the meat for both welfare and food safety reasons.

A spokesperson for the group told the Mail: ‘Kangaroo meat is sold as “just a bit of fun”, but don’t be fooled. Millions are shot every year in Australia. Many are mis-shot and die a slow, agonising death.’

Last month Tesco launched kangaroo burgers – but almost immediately pulled them after protests, The Grocer magazine reported.

Viva! are also currently running a boycott campaign against Iceland for their stocking of kangaroo meat. The campaign asked supporters to email Iceland and pledge to boycott them until they removed kangaroo and other so-called exotic meats.



Russia has banned the meat after contamination concerns, while tests in Australia found kangaroo meat on sale in supermarkets had high levels of e.coli and salmonella.

Viva! has also criticised the cooking instructions on the Morrisons website, which suggests serving the steaks ‘medium rare’.

The group says these instructions ‘may be opening up their customers to associated health risks, especially pregnant women and those with weakened immune systems’.

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