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Amazon face court action over courier's pay

Oct 28

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Web giant sued for back pay and expenses is facing a law suit in the US bought by four of its delivery drivers over their pay and conditions.

The suit was filed yesterday in Los Angeles County on behalf of four couriers which deliver for the Amazon Prime Now service.


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According to the Wall Street Journal the suit seeks "back wages and compensation for expenses like fuel and workers’ compensation insurance."

The workers are contracted through Scoobeez, a subsidiary of investment
company ABT Holdings Inc.

According to the suit, Amazon treats the couriers as employees by requiring them to wear uniforms and work at set times however it is not reflected in their pay and conditions as they are classed by Amazon as contractors. 

The suit alleges that, “Not infrequently, they are scheduled to work six or seven consecutive days in a week.”

In addition the suit alleges that Amazon doesn’t forward tips to drivers that customers pay with credit cards. The suit also states that the retailer mandates which jobs workers accept and the routes they take to get to their delivery locations.

Amazon have yet to comment on the case.


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