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Save Our Bank crowdfunder launched

Nov 6

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Join the Union of Co-op Bank customers 

Ethical Consumer and the Save Our Bank campaign are excited to have launched a new crowdfunder to set up a Customer Union for Co-op Bank customers.

We're delighted to say that in the first day we raised over £8000. But we're not at our total just yet.


Building a Union of Co-op Bank Customers from Save Our Bank on Vimeo.


The Customer Union will turn the Save Our Bank campaign into a formally constituted co-operative organisation, owned by its members, to keep up the pressure on the bank and to build a new co-operative shareholding on behalf of all of us. It’s going to be called the Customer Union for Ethical Banking.

Based on the feedback we got from supporters, we’ve set annual membership of the union at £12. So, pledge £12 and if the crowdfunder is successful you will have paid for your membership of the union for the first year.

Your pledge will only be taken out of your account if we reach the £15,000 target. This is the minimum we need to set up the union, so if we don’t make it, it doesn’t happen.


Campaign aims

We have three main aims for the Customer Union:

  • Keeping and pushing forward the bank’s ethical policies and campaigning,
  • Building a strong customer voice in how the bank is run
  • Growing a “co-operative stake” in the bank, and campaigning for its eventual return to majority co-operative ownership.

We think this is probably the first ever union of customers for a single company – a group of customers acting together to drive ethical behaviour – so this is an historic opportunity for you to help create it.

We believe ownership matters, and that co-ops are a better, fairer and more democratic way of doing business, so we want to see the Co-op Bank return to being a true co-operative, owned by its customers and employees.

The Customer Union for Ethical Banking will be a co-operative, owned by you, its members. As an organised group of customers it will be able to influence the bank while building up the co-operatively-owned stake.

You can find out more on the Save Our Bank crowdfunding page.













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