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Veolia withdraws from Israel

Nov 17

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Company ends links with controversial project

The Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement celebrated a long standing boycott target Veolia, which finally withdrew from its contracts in Jerusalem in late September this year.

After years of pressure the French corporation cut its ties with the Jerusalem Light Rail (JLR) project. 

Photo credit: BDS Movement

A railway that campaigners say is illegal was built to facilitate the growth and expansion of Israeli colonial settlements on occupied Palestinian territory.

The sale of its stake in the JLR project ends all of Veolia’s involvement in the Israeli market.

Veolia sold nearly all of its business operations in Israel in April 2015 but had until now remained a 5% shareholder in the JLR project. 

According to the BDS movement website, Veolia's involvement in the project and subsequent boycott had lead them to loose a slue of contracts across the world.

For instance In 2014, Kuwait’s city council excluded Veolia from a tender for the treatment of solid waste worth $750 million.

The Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC) General Coordinator, Mahmoud Nawajaa, described Veolia’s complete withdrawal from illegal Israeli projects as a victory for all human rights campaigners who have pressured the company:

“Veolia’s withdrawal from Israel sets an example to all companies that are complicit in Israel’s human rights violations. This is a victory for the BDS movement and all our partners from other rights movements who have helped in pressuring the company.”

Mahmoud Nawajaa, BNC. 
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