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Boycott of Ben & Jerry's called

Nov 18

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Campaign claims mismatch between policy and practice

Earlier this year ice cream brand Ben & Jerry's was added to the list of companies boycotted by the global BDS movement

The call comes due to the brands long-standing contractual relationship with an Israeli franchise that manufactures ice cream in Israel and sells it in Israel settlements in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Campaigners say that Ben & Jerry's social mission and “history of supporting progressive causes cannot be reconciled with its franchise’s commercial ties to the settlements.”

Since 2013 thousands of individuals and 239 organizations in 20 countries, including Israel, and the occupied Palestinian territory, have called on Ben & Jerry’s to put an end to its franchise’s business in Israeli settlements. 


No Justice, No Sweets from Salaam Shalom on Vimeo.

Activists attempted a process of engagement with the brand travelling to the occupied territories with representatives on two separate occasions.

Indeed Jeff Furman, chairperson of Ben & Jerry’s Board of Directors, travelled to Occupied Palestine in 2012 with a group of American civil rights’ leaders. He described what he saw there as “apartheid.”

In spite of all this, the company has refused to stop its practices.

On the announcement of the boycott, Ben and Jerry's released the following statement: 

“Ben & Jerry’s corporate organization, based in the U.S., does not retain any profits from the business in Israel. The company remains committed to contributing 100% of the net licensing fee to foster multicultural programs and values-led ingredient sourcing initiatives in the region."


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