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Gift guide from Living Wage Foundation

Dec 16

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Call to buy from UK companies paying a fairer wage 


The Living Wage Foundation has launched a 'Living Wage Christmas Gift Guide' to help consumers discover a range of festive gift ideas for their friends and family from businesses that have committed to paying their staff the Living Wage.

Emily Kenway, Living Wage campaign manager said:

“Consumers are increasingly aware of how the goods they buy are sourced and whether workers in other countries are well treated, but are unaware that the people working on their high street, stocking the warehouses and keeping the shopping centres clean and safe are being paid poverty wages right here in the UK."

“Time and again we hear low paid workers tell us the difficult choices they are forced to make; to heat their home or eat a proper meal, to work several jobs and overtime just to make ends meet leaving no time for family life, or to walk miles in the dark because a bus fare is a luxury that can’t be afforded."

“We know there are businesses out there that can afford to pay a Living Wage to their staff, and we call on consumers to make a Living Wage shopping choice this Christmas to encourage more shops and retailers to join the movement.”




Consumers and business are recognising the Living Wage mark as a sign of responsible business; with 70% of people reporting that they would choose to shop with a Living Wage accredited retailer instead of one which isn’t, and over 85% of people saying that businesses that can afford to, should pay the rate.


More on a living wage in the fashion industry >









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