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Cadbury boycotted over tax avoidance

Dec 23

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Sum Of Us launch new campaign pledge

Campaign group Sum Of Us has launched a boycott of Cadbury over its tax avoidance.


As we reported earlier this month the company made £96.5m in profit last year but since it was taken over by US food giant Mondelez five years ago it hasn't paid any UK corporation tax.

Sum Of Us said in a statement,

"The Cadbury family built the company on an ethos of social responsibility and pioneered workers' rights. Now, Mondelez has turned the company into just another tax-dodging company.

But we can change that. British people buy more chocolate at Christmas time than at any other time of year. If enough of us pledge to have a Cadbury-free Christmas, we can hit the company's bottom line and get it to start paying the taxes it owes to society."

As of today over 47,000 people have signed a petition on the Sum Of Us website demanding that Modelez pays a fair amount of corporation tax on Cadbury's profits and pledging to boycott the company until it does.

The campaigners added on their website, 

"the Cadbury commitment to social responsibility is well and truly a thing of the past. US food giant Mondelez (formerly Kraft) obliterated what remained of Cadbury's original values when it took over the company, sacking hundreds of workers and setting up a dodgy tax avoiding scheme involving Channel Islands bonds so it could get out of paying the taxes it owes to society."



For more on Cadbury see our guide to chocolate and our tax rankings page which features Mondelez.



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