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Who pays the Living Wage where you live?

Jan 21

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21/01/2016 09:42  RssIcon

Guest blog from Emily Kenway of the Living Wage Foundation 

Since 2001, when the modern day Living Wage campaign began in East London, people have been asking which employers are paying up and which aren’t. Five years ago, the answer was easy because there were so few to remember. Now, as the movement takes hold and with over 2000 accredited employers, it’s not so simple.


The Open University becoming a Living Wage employer, Flickr

That’s why we’ve created the Living Wage Employer Map. For the first time, you can see all the Living Wage employers in one easy-to-search place. The map shows only those employers who are fully accredited with the Living Wage Foundation, not employers who may say they pay the rates but haven’t won the Living Wage Employer Mark. This protects the integrity of the Living Wage, ensuring that those who show up on our map are really paying it to their staff – and crucially, their subcontracted on-site workers, like cleaners, caterers and security guards. 



This new tool puts the power in your hands: you can search employers by location, by name or by the product or service you want to buy, so you can actively choose to support those employers doing the right thing. And of course, it also tells you who isn’t paying up. Is there a local retailer missing from your area? What about your council, football club or university? If they don’t have their own orange icon, you can use our campaign resources to send them a Living Wage message. 


To find out more and join the Living Wage campaign, go to 








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