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Business Against TTIP

Jan 29

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Small businesses at risk of mass bankruptcy 

'Rough Trade' is a new report on the threat of TTIP to small UK businesses, released by campaign group War on Want.

It points out that although more than 99% of private sector businesses in the UK are classed as 'small', with less than 50 employees, small business associations have had no input into the content of TTIP.

Image of TTIP protest

Anti-TTIP Protest, photo credit: Garry Knight


According to the European Commission's own survey for the TTIP, less than 0.5% of small UK businesses are involved in export to US markets. 'TTIP was crafted by and for big business' says the report.

Largely as a result of the unfair competition small businesses would face from larger US firms, at least 680,000 jobs in the EU are predicted to be lost according to the European Commission's own impact assessment.

Many factors including lower wages, lower energy costs and lower animal welfare standards in the USA, put US firms at a commercial advantage which could undermine better EU standards.


Business Against TTIP

Let your local shops and businesses know! Flyers with basic details of the campaign, and how to sign up as a supporter, are free to order from Ethical Consumer Research Association signed up as a Business Against TTIP supporter in January 2016.


Visit our TTIP feature in our campaigns section for more information on the trade deal. 








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