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Companies failing the rainforest

Mar 7

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New report slams corporates over palm oil sourcing 

Colgate-Palmolive, Pepsi and Johnson & Johnson are among the worst-performing companies in a new report on palm oil sourcing released by Greenpeace.

Greenpeace say that the three companies are unaware as to whether the palm oil they buy from Indonesia is linked to rainforest destruction and they placed them in the lowest “failed promises” category.


Greenpeace scorecard:

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Greenpeace scorecard


According to the report, titled 'Cutting deforestation out of the palm oil supply chain', most of the companies surveyed could not say how much palm oil came from suppliers that comply with their own environmental standards.

Greenpeace surveyed 14 global consumer goods manufacturers with ‘No Deforestation’ policies in place, including snack food, confectionery and personal care companies, in order to understand the practical actions that these companies are taking and the impact those actions are having on the ground in Indonesia.

The focus of the report is Indonesia, as the country has lost 31 million hectares of forest, an area almost the size of Germany, since 1990. Indonesia’s plantation sectors – pulp, palm oil and timber – are driving this forest destruction.

palm oil plantation in Indonesia

Palm Oil Plantation, Indonesia. Photo credit: CIFOR


The companies were asked about their commitments and actions on responsible sourcing, transparency and industry reform.

None of the companies they surveyed were able to say with any certainty that there is no deforestation in their palm oil supply chain.

Most companies were unable even to say how much of their palm oil comes from suppliers that comply with their own sourcing standards.

Only one of the 14 companies surveyed, Ferrero, can trace nearly 100% of its palm oil back to the plantation it is grown on.

Greenpeace are now demanding that companies set up credible ‘no deforestation’ policies which include independent verification and a high degree of transparency.


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