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Amazon workers aim to unionise

Mar 9

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Campaigners launch new website 


A group claiming be in the process of unionising Amazon workers has started a new website

The group, which calls its self, The Former And Current Employees (FACE) of Amazon launched its site by writing an open letter to boss Jeff Bezos outlining their complaints.

Amazon warehouse 


The letter reads:

"We want to help you make Amazon as good for its employees as it is for its customers. It's time for you to finally stop denying Amazon's management problems and start fixing them before someone else forces you to do so (or makes it happen in ways you may not like)."


The authors continue:

"Even though many of us left due to our being mistreated, or were forced to leave as part of it, we are all committed to driving positive change at Amazon through whatever lawful means are necessary to do so."


Before signing off:

"It's your choice: either make history by leading the charge for fair treatment of your employees or let history show you to be the antagonist in the creation of a new labor movement and legislation."


On the site the anonymous campaigners say they aim to document cases where:

"Amazon managers have mistreated their employees and escalating only made it worse and never helped the employees deal with their bad managers."

A recent posting describes a "Machiavellian culture" at Amazon, where "employees are regarded as disposable". Others describe a "culture of fear" and a "Darwinian nightmare."

Drive to unionise workers

The latest update from the campaigners says that they have been in touch with several unions who have offered help in unionising employees.

In Germany there have been successful drive to unionise warehouse staff, and there has been repeated strike action in the last year or so, over pay and conditions.

In other instances union organisers have complained of intense pressure from Amazon in the face of drives to unionise workers.


Read about our boycott against Amazon.



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