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New campaign demands HSBC to quit coal

Mar 24

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HSBC is biggest investor in coal out of the five big banks


Move Your Money's Divest campaign has found that HSBC is the biggest investor of the big 5 banks in fossil fuels, with the bank also scoring badly on its ethical banking scorecard. 

Move Your Money found that HSBC are addicted to coal, pouring more than $8 billion into fossil fuels since 2005.


According to Move Your Money:

"It is unacceptable that HSBC continues to prop up this destructive industry, particularly with the coal market in terminal decline and with climate change disproportionately affecting those least responsible for causing it."

HSBC is currently re-writing its mining policy, which sets what the bank will and won't invest in for the foreseeable future in this industry. So the time to act is now!

Move Your Money is asking supporters to pile pressure on HSBC and force the bank to #QuitCoal for good - cutting the crucial lifeblood of finance to this ailing, toxic industry, and helping safeguard the future of humanity and our liveable environment.

Join the campaign by emailing HSBC's CEO.



Move Your Money's Divest campaign demands:


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