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What do you like about Ethical Consumer?

Apr 7

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Tell us with a video selfie for the chance to win a box of Booja Booja chocolates 

We'd like to get to know our readers a little better and enlist your help in spreading the word about the work we do.

We're asking readers to film themselves saying why they like Ethical Consumer. 

Our video explains everything you need to know:




What we'd like you to do 

We'd like you to answer a couple of simple questions and record a video of yourself answering them. 

In under 30 seconds tell us: 

your name and where you are from or where you live

and then answer one of the following questions:

What do you like most about Ethical Consumer and why do you like it?


How you use Ethical Consumer?

(Or if you're feeling confident, both)


How to do it

All you need to do this is a smartphone and to install the twitter app, if you haven't got it already.

Once you've recorded your answers on your camera phone share them with us on twitter by tweeting the video using the social sharing buttons on your phone's camera or by using the twitter app.

Remember to tag us into the text of your tweet by mentioning @ec_magazine 

A few examples:



We'll also retweet and follow all those people who tweet.

Your chance to win some delicious chocolate

All those who upload a video to twitter will be entered into a prize draw to win a box of delicious ethical truffles from Booja Booja.

(See our ethical guide to chocolate boxes for more information on Booja Booja). 

Booja Booja truffles 

We'll be accepting entries until the end of Friday 15th April (23:59).


What if I don't use twitter?

Don't worry you can still take part. 

Simply upload your video to Facebook or Youtube and let us know the URL of where you have posted it by emailing


Top tips

1) write down what you want to say before you try and film

2) keep it nice and short. 30 seconds of filming is long enough and will be easier to do

3) film in landscape as this will give you a nicer finish

4) choose carefully where you film it – try and choose a nice background and somewhere that has lots of natural light

5) if you can get someone else to hold your phone and film you this might be easiest (don't worry if it isn't strictly a selfie)

6) don't worry if you don't get it right first time. Try a couple of takes and choose the best one - it doesn't have to be perfect

7) smile - it'll look much better if you smile so relax and try and have a good time filming it


Happy filming!









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