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John West tuna linked to destructive fishing device

Apr 25

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Supplier found using indiscriminate fishing methods 

Greenpeace say they have uncovered evidence of John West' suppliers using destructive fishing methods despite the company’s promise to phase out their use.

Crew on the Greenpeace ship, the Esperanza, say they discovered a fish aggregating device (FAD) deployed by the Talenduic - a French vessel which supplies John West.

Tuna Fishing


Greenpeace’s expedition in the Indian Ocean has released footage of species including silky sharks under the controversial fishing gear. Campaigners say that sharks are commonly caught using this fishing method (FADs alongside large purse seine nets) before being discarded as so-called “bycatch”.

Greenpeace say they removed and dismantled the device to avoid nets being set around it and causing harm to marine life. The revelation comes despite a commitment made in 2011 that 100% of its tuna would be caught using FAD-free and pole & line methods by the end of 2016. It was revealed in October 2015 that John West had reached just 2%.


Hélène Bourges, Oceans Campaigner with Greenpeace UK, said: 

“If it were not such a serious matter for the world’s oceans and marine life, John West’s progress on its sustainability commitment would be laughable."

“Now we find their supplier has been deploying destructive fishing practices which John West vowed to get rid of. “People want the tuna industry cleaned up. They want to know the tuna they eat has not been caught using methods that threaten and harm endangered marine wildlife”.

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