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Panorama puts Primark "On The Rack"

Jun 20

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20/06/2008 16:15  RssIcon

Panorama: On The Rack

The BBC tell us Monday's Panorama is the result of six months of undercover research into Primark's supply chain. You can watch a trailer on YouTube.
Here's the programme synopsis: "Panorama puts Primark's claims that it can deliver cheap, fast fashion without breaking ethical guidelines to the test. Posing as industry buyers in India, the programme's reporter Tom Heap and his team find some of India's poorest people working long, gruelling hours on Primark clothes in slum workshops and refugee camps far away from the Primark approved and inspected factories; breaking promises on child labour, working hours and wages. When presented with the results of the investigation Primark sacked a number of its suppliers and announced it was setting up a children's foundation. Primark said it was unaware of the actions of its suppliers. They say they represent a tiny proportion of their supply chain and that its reinforcing its stringent ehtical standards in meetings with suppliers.

This is the Primark statement they released on June 16th:

Their direct response to the Panorama programme will be on the Panorama website after the programme airs on BBC1:




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Re: Panorama puts Primark "On The Rack"

Im interested in your views on primark for my research project, im a masters student in marketing and would appreciate your views.


By Anthony Carter on   22/06/2008 11:11

Re: Panorama puts Primark "On The Rack"

Didn't Primark announce they had donated all profits from these 'unethical' garments to raise labour standards in the subcontinent? Perhaps this should be a standard across the industry.

When a retailer wants customers' trust on its price, it says: find it cheaper elsewhere and we'll give you your money back.

When a retailer wants customers' trust on its supply chain, it should say: find us expoiting labour for our products, and we'll donate those products' profits to organisations which improve working conditions.

One can imagine a cynical industry developing around this idea, as investigative groups take a cut of the donations they win for these organisations. Unsavoury, but the bottom line is greater scrutiny... surely a good thing.

By Sir Edmund on   25/06/2008 13:16

Re: Panorama puts Primark "On The Rack"

There's nothing about donations in the Observer article, just says they "withdrew thousands of garments from its stores" -

By Aelfric on   27/06/2008 09:59

Re: Panorama puts Primark "On The Rack"

More on the debate here:

By Ethical Consumer on   01/07/2008 11:33

Re: Panorama puts Primark "On The Rack"

Ethical Consumer's editor Rob Harrison was interviewed by the Guardian's Leo Hickman, for a piece in Tuesday's G2, on the claims levelled at Primark:

By Dan on   01/07/2008 14:35


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