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Brazilian Soy Moratorium renewed

May 11

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Victory in the fight against deforestation 

The landmark Soy Moratorium, which we featured in our recent 'Is Soya Sustainable' article, has been renewed indefinitely. 

Originally established in July 2006, the Soy Moratorium has been renewed on an annual basis since 2008, but this new agreement will ensure long-term protection for the Amazon.

McDonalds ProtestProtest outside McDonalds after a report revealed the chickens used in their products were fed on soya that comes from the Amazon. Photo credit: Greenpeace 


Paulo Adario, Senior Forest Strategist for Greenpeace International and signatory of the agreement

"The renewal of the moratorium indefinitely ensures producers and trading companies can continue to rely on forest friendly Amazon soy to keep the doors to the global market open, even in times of environmental and political-economic crisis". 

The agreement, between civil society, industry and government, prevents major traders from selling soy linked to deforestation, slave labour or threats to indigenous lands in the Brazilian Amazon.

Since the initial signing of the Moratorium, the area occupied by soy in the Brazilian Amazon biome grew from just over 1 million to 3.6 million hectares, with only 0.8 percent in newly deforested areas.

Adario continues:

"This large increase in soy production while respecting the moratorium is proof to the market: producing without destroying the forest is good business". 


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