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Fracking approved in Yorkshire

May 25

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North Yorkshire Council grant fracking application despite resistance 

On Monday evening, North Yorkshire County Council made a decision to approve Third Energy's plans to frack for shale gas near Kirby Misperton, Ryedale, North Yorkshire. 

This decision shocked local residents after 99.2% of Ryedale District Council residents opposed the application and the council received over 4,000 complaints. Ryedale District Council itself opposed the application.

Fracking protest

No Fracking protest, London, photo credit: The Weekly Bull

This unconventional method of extracting fossil fuels has caused widespread concern. Fracking has been linked to localised earthquakes, leaking gas, radioactive contamination and water supply contamination. 

850 elected officials in New York State, which has banned fracking, sent a letter to North Yorkshire County Council urging members to block the application. The letter outlined how fracking in the US had not delivered any promised benefits and instead local communities had faced “significant costs”. 

The UK has not approved any fracking applications since 2011. This was largely a response to an incident in Lancashire, when fracking activities were identified as the likely cause of two small earthquakes.

Joe Corre, head of TalkFracking claims: 

"There's clearly something in the water in North Yorkshire for Councillors to steer through Fracking, when the clear will of the people is to outlaw fracking at all costs". 

"The economic fallacy of the fracking Ponzi scheme is starting to show its true face with boom and bust towns, ghost wells and bankruptcies. It's potential effect on UK communities like North Yorkshire, the environment, livelihoods, property values and health could be devastating".



Who is financing fracking companies?  

We research 'Fracking Bankers' in our special finance issue, due out in July. 








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