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Government claims company owes millions in back taxes 

French authorities are seeking €356m (£276m) in unpaid taxes from the parent company of

According to documents filed by Priceline, and reported on the BBC website, French tax authorities spent over 2 years auditing's French accounts from 2003 to 2012 and found a significant amount of tax was owed.

The French government said had a base in France and was obliged to pay income and value-added taxes.


The filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission said:

"In December 2015, the French tax authorities issued assessments for approximately €356m, the majority of which would represent penalties and interest".

The company said the majority of funds being sought are penalties, fines and interest.

The company believed it complied with local tax law, and would contest the ruling in court if it could not reach a settlement with the French government.

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