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Suzuki offices raided over emissions testing

Jun 3

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Company blames 2008 crash for failure to comply with law 

Japanese authorities have today raided the headquarters of Suzuki, reports the BBC, as part of an investigation into the company's emissions tests.

Last month Suzuki said it found problems with its testing, but denied it was cheating, and officials were said to be looking for documents which would support the company's claims.

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In specific, evidence was needed to prove that it had used data compiled from indoor tests performed on individual parts, rather than vehicle coasting tests.

According to Reuters, Suzuki had previously stated:

"It lacked the resources after the 2008 global financial crisis to meet regulatory testing standards. It also cited increased pressure to develop models and engines in the late 2000s."

Lack of manpower and a failure on its part to invest in the necessary infrastructure were also cited as issues.

Suzuki's improper tests involved 14 branded models and 12 models sold under other brands. The company said the investigation was only on cars sold inside Japan.

Suzuki is the fourth-largest car company by sales in Japan after Toyota, Nissan and Honda.


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